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Who is Dr. Dan
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Read as fast as you can turn the pages, take notes as fast as a person can speak, remember vast amounts of information easily, and radically improve your ability to concentrate and perceive things that other people overlook.

Hi, Linda Locke here . . .

For many people learning something new is a daunting experience. It can entail months, even years of struggle and hard effort to achieve a small measure of success. Even in schools, those students who do well, nevertheless, spend vast amounts of time and energy in order to learn their subjects. And in some instances, students are failing to learn, despite special classes or private tuition. Many students are unable to fully master reading, writing and math, for example.

Why is this? Could there be something wrong with the way we learn?

Whether you are a student or a life-long learner, the way you learn determines whether you will achieve mastery of your subject or not. According to Dr. Dan Dimke, Ph.D, whose super learning method enables him to slice through information up to 25,000 words a minute… we are never taught the most effective way to study. We are not given the vital learning tools we need to master any subject.

For example, we are expected to memorize our subject matter, but are not taught how to memorize the enormous amount of new information we encounter. Learning how to memorize information is just one of the vital learning tools you won't find in school. In order to get the most out of a subject, we need the following learning tools:

  • An Accelerated Reading and Comprehension System
  • A Memory Enhancement System
  • A High-Speed Note Taking System
  • Long-Term Recall Systems
  • A Personal Organization System
  • A Perfect Concentration System
  • Increased Perception Skills

To succeed as a student and later in a career, sooner or later you must acquire the skills and abilities listed above. And the more of them you acquire the more successful you will be. If you had only ONE of these powerful learning enhancement tools, such as the Long-Term Recall System, just think of what a difference it would make in your life and career.

Created by Dr. Dan Lee Dimke, PhD, the ULTRA-LEARN SYSTEM™, will help you build powerful mental and physical skills through easy-to-perform exercises. You will be able to:

  • read quickly and accurately.
  • take notes as fast as most people talk.
  • remember vast amounts of information easily.
  • radically improve your ability to concentrate.
  • relax and prepare your mind for further learning.

All these skills can be learned through simple daily exercises, some of which take only minutes to perform.

Ultra Learn SystemDr Dimke's ULTRA-LEARN SYSTEM™ consists 4 audio cassettes with a full 298 minutes of learning power that you can listen to at your convenience, plus a manual.

Cassette Seminar One - focuses on building and strengthening individual mental and physical skills through easy-to-perform exercises that you can practice nearly anywhere, as often as you wish. Eye exercises, perception techniques, relaxation procedures, etc., prepare your mind for the even more impressive skills that you'll learn in the later seminars. And, an advanced, but easy-to-learn, note-taking system will allow you to write down information, idea-for-idea, as fast as most people talk.

Cassette Seminar Two - focuses on building reading speed and enhancing high-speed comprehension skills through easy-to-perform exercises that you can finish in just minutes a day. A specially recorded and timed training track, Acceleration Exercise 1, provides step-by-step instruction designed to help you learn to view written information successfully at high-speeds, much as if an instructor with a stopwatch were constantly at your side, guiding you through each phase of the training. Once you've learned it, you can use The Ultra-Learn Reading System anywhere, in virtually any type of reading situation, without the need of any external aids or equipment.

Cassette Seminar Three - reveals exciting memory training techniques and long-term recall systems. You'll learn, perhaps for the first time, the causes of forgetting and how to avoid them. Then, you'll learn how to remember using both sides of your brain. Discover how easy it is to recall numbers, names, faces, virtually anything...forever! Also, Acceleration Exercise 2, provides step-by-step instructions for enhancing the high-speed reading skills you've already learned in prior Seminars.

Cassette Seminar Four - the fourth in this multi-cassette series, reveals the secrets of developing perfect concentration. You'll also discover breakthrough techniques in vocabulary development. Further breakthroughs and techniques are also presented, including learning to identify and capitalize upon those periods when your mind is hyper-receptive to learning. You'll also be introduced to the Personal Organization Formula that a high-powered executive once paid $25,000 to learn.

A final Stabilizing Exercise will help you to keep your newly-developed learning abilities at the enhanced levels you've achieved for a lifetime.

The program includes additional printed source materials, including notes, illustrations and diagrams. Originally developed in the United States, people all over the world are using this system. It was one of the first accelerated learning systems ever developed for use with non-alphabetic languages, such as Japanese and Chinese.

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Ultra Learn System

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By Dan Lee Dimke, PhD

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Who is Dr. Dan Lee Dimke, PhD

This amazing learning program was created by Dr. Dan Lee Dimke, PhD, who is the author of more than 100 books and audiocassette programs on the art and science of education, business, accelerated learning and personal mastery. His life illustrates some of the possibilities of unleashed human potential. He began teaching in colleges at the age of 17. At 20 he developed one of the first rapid reading systems for oriental languages during his work in the Far East. He speaks and reads five human languages, four computer languages and slices through information at up to 25,000 words per minute.

Dr. Dimke holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of the State of New York and a PhD in Education with specialization in learning enhancement and psycho-linguistics. He is a jet helicopter pilot, a scuba diver, and an accomplished pianist.


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