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"4 Quick Points to Getting Started With Homeschooling..."

If you have decided that homeschooling really is right for you and your kids, you will likely want to know what to do now. This section is going to help you know what you should do in order to get things running. Here are some quick points for getting started with homeschooling:

- Locate your state's homeschool group. You can do this online easily by typing in your state and the keyword “homeschooling” at your favorite search engine. Then go to your state listing. You can usually find many different sites that will offer this information for you.

- Locate your local support group for parents of home schooled kids. These groups will help you to get good tips from other parents and is a great place to find like minded people to share your troubles etc.

- Know the laws in your state about homeschooling. If you have questions, arrange for an evaluation with your local school board so that you can verify that your child is approved for homeschooling. They will also check for a proposal from you about homeschooling your child

- Get any magazines, books and/or other supplies that you will need in order for you to have steady resources on hand to offer tips etc...

If you want to learn more about how to get started homeschooling your kid, then I highly recommend you read the manual: "Homeschooling Secrets"


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