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Future World
Postal Chamber 153588 . Irving . Texas , 75015-3588 . USA
Phone 214-295-2631 - Sales@future-world.com - Fax 214-295-2631



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Nation___________________________________ Date___/___/___

Home Phone_________________Business Phone______________

Yes, please send me the following:

Item# - 571 - Ultra Learn System- $99.95

SUBTOTAL: $99.95 _a

Texas Sales Tax 8.25%:_________ b (only for Texas residents)

(See Shipping Costs below) Shipping & Handling:_________ c

Shipping Costs:

Within the U.S. - $5.95
All other international destinations - $10.95

(a+b+c) TOTAL_________

Credit Card Number_______________________________________

Expiration Date ____/_____( ) MC ( ) Visa ( ) Amex ( ) Diners
( ) Access ( ) Carte Blanche


Name of Cardholder_________________________

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TO ORDER BY MAIL OR FAX -- Simply print a hard copy of the order form. Then complete the order form using
the easy instructions below.

When ordering by MAIL, send order to:

Future World
Postal Chamber 153588
Irving, Texas 75015-3588

By FAX: Simply use the instructions for ordering by mail and FAX the completed order form instead of mailing it. Fax
orders are payable with any of the six accepted credit cards. The 24 hour dedicated fax system can be reached by
dialing: 214-295-2631.

PAYMENT -- SHIPMENT -- CUSTOMS -- Checks, money orders, banker's cashier checks, postal money orders,
cash and the six listed major credit cards are accepted as payment. Checks payable in U.S. Dollars using a check form
that bears a machine-readable magnetic sorting number are accepted as if they were cash. Unencoded check or
checks in non-U.S. funds are subject to a standard $5.00 currency exchange fee plus currency rate fluctuation costs.
Credit card transactions are automatically converted to U.S. Dollars without any service charge to you.

We move fast! Most orders are shipped within 24 hours after reaching us.

Texas Sales Tax of 8.25% is only due if you are a resident of the State of TEXAS or are requesting delivery to an
address within TEXAS. (Fortunately, for Texas residents, the cost of Texas State Sales Tax is offset by the privilege
of living in the Great State of Texas itself. Eeeh Haah!) In all other cases, Texas sales tax is not due, and may be
disregarded in computing the cost of your order.


Our product fulfillment center completes all required Customs documents required for shipment of this merchandise
to your destination. The cost of the forms, the research and completion time for these documents is included in the
shipping and handling costs. There are no extra charges from Future World for these Customs document services.

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