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"How to Schedule and Plan The Lessons..."

It is possible that the biggest hardship that a homeschooling parent faces is how to make a schedule for homeschooling. I've heard many ideas from many parents about how they handle the scheduling issue. Some use software programs and some write every thing in a notebook or they use a program like Microsoft Word.

Some of them plan the day as it goes and some plan ahead of time. I prefer to think that it is a mixture of planning ahead and on-the-spot is the most comfortable and practical when it comes to homeschooling.

What your Goals Should be:

You should first make a goal plan that lists the goals that you have set for your child's upcoming year. This is not as hard as it sounds. Once you have, you should use these goals, and make better choices when you are gathering the books and supplies that you will need.

There are a wide variety of books that have good ideas for goals. These books usually have some sort of scope and sequence within them. You may be able to find these types of books at your public library or you can buy then from a curriculum catalog at bookstores or online.

If you are looking for a free scope and sequence book, you can visit any number of websites like and gather ideas from their scope and sequence. You do not have to do every thing that is in the scope and sequence list either.

If you would prefer, go ahead and add your own ideas to the goals that you are setting for your child because no one knows your kid better than you do. When your child is older, he should assist you with creating the goals and eventually you will become the assistant and advisor as he sets his own goals.

From your goals lists you will want to fill out a curriculum planner. Avoid curriculum fairs until you have done this already and have gotten the hang of it. When you are at the curriculum fair you will need to have your goal lists and your curriculum planner handy so that when you are at the fair you do not buy anything that you do not need...

If you want to learn more about how to get started homeschooling your kid, then I highly recommend you read the manual: "Homeschooling Secrets" (You will also find specific examples of scheduling and planing your lessons).


Linda Locke
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